About Us  

CWC is a boutique communications agency operating under the vision that business can be a catalyst for good. We tell and amplify the everyday stories of diversity & inclusion and corporate social responsibility in action. We also work with companies to build communications strategies that support the brand, inspire employees, and connect with consumers.

We work with corporations who 1.) believe that companies should be responsible corporate citizens, 2.) understand that diversity & inclusion is a business imperative, and 3.) are looking to grow and adapt in a changing world — and who aren’t afraid to try something new.

The content strategies that we design are educational, empowering, and build community. We pride ourselves in telling the stories that are changing the business community as we know it, and the world.

Laura K. Wise, Principal Consultant 

Laura K. Wise is the founder and lead consultant for Content Wise Communications. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from Hampton University and a Professional Degree in Visual Communications from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) -  Los Angeles. She has a diverse professional background spanning design, international development, corporate social responsibility, diversity & inclusion, and fundraising - all of which have defined her story centric approach to designing communications strategies and telling brand stories. It’s this approach that she’s used in creating content around community development initiatives across the US, Asia, and the Caribbean. She is a lifelong student of the subjects that she covers and is passionate about sharing the stories of women and people of color around the world.